Thursday, October 10, 2013


In the Society's opinion, this is a must watch for all former, current and future football players as well as fans and media.

No shortage of media sensationalism, focus on tragedy or finger pointing. Paint it anyway ya want to..... all true.

Why no actual living ex-NFL'ers interviewed? 

'Cause the litigation's still cookin'-- that's why.

Worthwhile presentation that somewhat exceeds TSN efforts like-- "The Thirteenth Man".

What's with the new-- no comment policy-- regarding concussions, from CFL Commissioner Cohon? Less than a year ago he was shill show trumpeting -- "the  CFL doesn't have a concussion issue".

Ripples now making their way north to the Mom & Pop CFL? 

Canadian ambulance chasers caught the thick scent of $$$?

The following exert was previously posted May 20, 2013 titled "Gridiron Greats Hall Of Fame Dinner".  

The CFL is the CFL and the NFL is the NFL. 

The small money, small tent side show and the massive BIG MONEY, BIG TIME, BIG SHOW. 

If the situation is this dire for ex-NFL'ers any guesses on how ex-CFL'ers fare?

The central issue for ex-NFL-ers is the financial burden of medical care from football injuries. For the ex-CFL'ers who stayed in Canada it's mostly covered, as it is for all Canadians . What about those who didn't stay?

Quality of life, compromised ability to earn income and all the rest must be about the same.

Those who say the NFL is more physical or recent claims that the CFL has fewer concussions; require serious reconsidering.

For players inside the box and players on special teams, there is little if any difference. The physicality is different for those outside the box but still significant.

The claims there are or were fewer concussions in the CFL are due to the lack of data; not the lack of concussions. 

Best if Cohon shuts the shill show down on that one, immediately.

Cut to now.

Curiously enough, can't seem to locate the Cohon quotes from earlier this year where he made a statement along the lines, "concussions were previously and currently not as prevalent in the CFL as in the NFL".

Curious, indeed!

A college teammate, close friend and 14 year NFL veteran; who was part of the class action lawsuit and also participated in the Boston research-- had this to say about the PBS presentation:

"Yea I saw it on TV.   

NFL is getting off light at 765 million. Doubt I’ll ever see any $ come my way. 

There is a hyper sensitivity to the whole issue right now. We get almost 1 concussion per day. Football may be a dying sport if this shit continues

The helmets seem to be so much better now and we cant teach any helmet to helmet techniques. Every kid who gets a headache cries “concussion” The whole thing pisses me off while my memories slowly disappear. 

The league should just acknowledge the risk, guarantee long term care expenses, pay the players more and let them play at their own risk. 

The one researcher found the Tau protein in 33 out of 34 football player cadaver brains so I think it’s highly likely that we both have or will have CTE. 

Happy Golden Years!!.... Stop drooling!!!"

Days later, the 14 year ex-NFL-er followed up with this considered opinion. 

"Seems like a long time ago in another life.
Having been in the business of football for awhile; these recent developments only reinforce my belief-the owners WERE and ARE a bunch of GREEDY COCKSUCKERS who ENJOY being powerful and USING PEOPLE UP for their own gain and entertainment. 

Don’t get me wrong, playing was great and I would do it again, but some anger and resentment still lingers over strikes and questionable medical treatment." 

The Society's opinion?

Buddy earned his stripes and the right to voice his views; and who better to have the handle on the situation than him? 

Except for one detail. 

So typical of a card carrying, post concussion syndrome society member.....  DETAILS DO GO AWRY. 

Copied from the Frontline webpage....                 October 2013
Dr. Ann McKee, Dr. Omalu and other scientists continue to study CTE in former athletes. McKee tells FRONTLINE she’s found CTE in the brains of 45 of the 46 former NFL players she’s examined.

So that's 45 of  46 not 33 of 34.... YA STUTTERIN' PRICK YA.



Nah, nah. Drinks are on ....the house.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


1st paragraph previously posted July 11
Never as good as it seems after a win-- never as bad as it seems after a loss. 

Not our words-- but "THE WISDOM OF OUR ELDERS"; since the days when vast buffalo herds, roamed the open plains for as far as the eye could see. Then white man come-- kill all. 

BUT, we digress. 

Took liberties with the Riderville video; edited out the superfluous media haze, repeated George's points of emphasis and re-organized the-the string of pearls. 

See if you can guess which media slithers on the "Bell Curve's Bottom".


A kind reader's prod, prompts posting this question buried in the comment section of the earlier instalment.


Tyler likely at tackle, Heenan at guard. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the query Anonymous Bob.

Like B.S. Nagurski always says, "first thought-- best thought".

The Brackenridge fine remains a hole in #41's bank account and an indefensible OUTRAGE!

The Society's thought-- you can believe-- Cortez has a viable, overall one campaign, high probability of success strategy-- based on what WAS and what IS in the cupboard. 

As we head into the back third of the campaign-- the built in chaos of the CFL equation-- has reared it's ugly head with temporarily catastrophic consequences.

The rob Peter to pay Paul-- best available non-import option-- sometimes has that effect. Puts 'em at the mercy of THE FOOTBALL GODS' whims and statistical probability. 

Sometimes it works out with wins. 


Cut to chase--- hope Ben is good to go. Near impossible to replace. Any more like him kickin' 'round the Grand Coulee stubble; let us know.

Tyler appears better than some Import Hogs in the league. As to which guy at RG or RT? Lots of ways to look at it. The Society trust's Cortez's and Malone's call. 

Need to win now.

Godspeed Rider Hogs.


Like that thick scent, when you can smell a summer night's deluge about to begin; seems  tangible, that now, is the Rider's time and with it the sense of entitlement.

Revel in it when you got it.  
Like the man said, "FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD"! 

When the dreaded knock on the door came, wasn't alarmed-- always knew, I was gonna get kicked outta the Optimists Club.

But this....  this is different. 

Hope bandwagon newcomers were shackled, or at least given parachutes.  The collision course with the CFL's savage realities, guarantee's turbulent times.  

Certain incontrovertible facts trump all hype, superstition, good intentions or sense of entitlement. 

1. The Riders dwell in a pre-determined statistical probability; not a pre-ordained position.
    First, the multiple sagas must unfold. Only then, we'll see who ends it-- standing tall.

2. "Football players WILL get injured." 

3. "FIVE PLAYS WILL determine the outcome of every game."

4. Perfect don't exist nowhere and surely not in the CFL.


So, while we're in full frenzied juggernaut mode; throttle it down-- just a moment, take a knee, and pay homage to the football gods that they may shine on all that's Green & White. 

Just now asked Betty. Know what she said? 

"Don't care for wagon jumpers, much". 

Speaking of Señora El Rumpo Grande.  

Just between you an' me, aside from knowin' what's what with the hogs, she really ain't much of a bargain. The ornery ol' sow, she don't smell half bad when she remembers to wear perfume. When she don't, whooooweeeee! 

She got her a scent that'll strip ten shades of purple off a dead goat. 

But ah hell, I'm gettin' too decrepit by now to do much about it, so figure I'll stick around. Plus, I got kinda used to the stink. That, or maybe my nose stopped workin'?

Either way, she also said.

"Enjoy the ride....

stay the course.... 

surrender to a probability you won't get what you want....  

hope for the best.... 

and let 'er loose--  from the bottom of  your     lungs-- to the spectacle of what looks to be an especially interesting and  hopefully a memorable campaign".

Friday, September 20, 2013



A lame kowtow to media and legal counsel?

Thinly veiled, posturing to manipulate fan and media perception--  fuelled by fear of current concussion related legal action south of the border? 

Only one thing is certain, has less than ZERO to do with Rider #41 playing the game of football.

To Tyron Brackenridge and others throughout the CFL--  please continue playing the game the way it's meant to be played. Incidental head contact is unavoidable. 

CBC's Malcolm Kelly, " Note: That's three times this year a Rider has led with his head on a tackle and hurt someone. One of these times, at a key moment, the refs are going to notice it, call it and Saskatchewan will lose because of it."

Who holds this BOZO accountable? What cereal box spewed out BUDDY'S license to pass judgement on matters, when so clearly, out of his depth? 

The Society's opinion-- better Kelly sticks to twisting young impressionable journalism student minds with the success story-- "How I Kissed The Right Ass In A Tax Payer Paid For Media Institution, Wrote A Couple Of Words And Got Paid Your Tax Dollars To Do It";  (a truly heartwarming, if cautionary tale of one man's self aggrandized quest and publically subsidized entitlement). 

Any football knowledge or talent-- incidental.

To Cohon, Higgins, Jake fuckin' "debate team" Ireland or whoever else called this shot. You need get called out. 

Fineable offence? BULLSHIT! 

Society members further weigh in.

Delores "Dolly Lama" Shingoose-- "Boondoggle, double dealin' dupery".

Baghwan Shree Nagurski-- "Make believe and a mockery of the game of football". 

Vince Lombardi's Ghost-- "Shameful! The guy get's paid how much? Taking hard earned dollars out of #41's pocket to make you look good? Shame, shame, shame on you.....  It is a reality of life that men are competitive and the most competitive games draw the most competitive men. That's why they are there - to compete. The object is to win fairly, squarely, by the rules - but to win."

Hell, cut his hand off. He'll never do it again.

According to our sources even Blue #44 Chad Kackert contacted Brackenridge via twitter saying if he needed any help with the appeal to let him know.

Wanna fine someone? 

Fine the TSN clowns who-- in complete and utter football ignorance-- have latched onto and now mercilessly flog the buzz phrase-- "head to head contact"-- in every context and at every opportunity. A far greater threat to overall CFL integrity than any play on the field.

It's football for gosh sakes

Tell 'em to fuck off back to figure skating, women's synchronized swimming, gymnastics or wherever the alleged expertise lies. And when they get there, fuck off again!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Media fellows and fans take note. 

There is more to CFL defensive football than stats. Much more.

Noticed in a recent CFL media poll Chick wasn't mentioned as an all-star. Plenty of very good defensive ends in the league this season, including the guy in Winnipeg. They may have sack stats but the Society hasn't seen any others consistently do the things Chick does.

Small sample of his work thus far. With assists from Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade character-- "Karl Childers" and Isaac Hayes-- "Theme From Shaft".

Backdoor Betty recommends viewing full screen.

Nuff said!

Friday, August 23, 2013


"Keep your eyes on the best, see what the best are up to-- then leap frog". The words of Dolly (from over behind the Co-op) Shingoose .... she's the closest thing we got in Dilke-- to a certain, his holiness-- The Dalai Lama-- himself.

Eneways.... a big tip of the                     Ol' SOMBRERO to the shot callers for launching the 
"Rider Coaches Show".

AND ABOUT BLOODY TIME!.....  Not exactly marketing rocket science. For an opening act-- a solid 3 of 10 possibles. Hopefully they hone it up as they progress. 

Straight up, times and circumstance have changed-- radically! 

If the Rider brand wants to restrict and control media/ fan access then manipulate and shape the message and perception (shared best practices-- NFL marketing 101), what better way than in house productions? 

Excellent example.

Applied to the  Rider effort,  of course,  numbers dictate a much smaller scale.  But in this-- the year of our Digital Lord 2013-- so much more is possible with so much less. To further the point-- if a quarter screw turn, from a drooling, full patch vegetable-- off the grid and indigent; can do an interweb blog complete with custom Hog video as a HOBBY; what should expectations be of full salaried "media professionals"?

Don't look to TSN's sad, tired, inept, miss the start of how many plays every broadcast/ how few camera's/ replays/ etc?, indifferent, uninspired, roll a turd in sprinkles, same broadcast crews/ give us a fuckin' break; same old-- nothing "modern" about it-- CFL same old. 

Fortunately, we dwell in a BRIGHT, SHINY GREEN-- WHAT IT IS! 

This season's Grey Cup frenzy spawned a mushroom of media growth to "feed the beast"-- that is Rider Nation. Some excellent, some mediocre and some cartoon strip, clown shows that bottom out the bell curve. 

The Dilke Debate & O-Line Critique Society is "WILD AND FREE AS THE WIND".      We kowtow to no one. 

Thing is, too far gone to give two fucks, we'll give what we give when the spirit or the notion moves us. Slamming the OH! in slOOOw mOOOtion.... don't move real fast fer nuthin' nor nobody.

When we do move, we vow it'll be worthwhile. 

Dig?.... Deal?

(another hint: the answers to many current Rider questions may be found by reviewing previous blog instalments)

Chef's groove. Ya hip?

Events beyond all our scopes sometimes create a cause-effect chain we're all oblivious to-- till much later down the line.

Severe, far away, storms create massive energy surges that manifest in upheaval ocean swells. Sometimes, those swells come from the perfect direction; with the perfect size and strength-- grand scale ripples-- that migrate to a distant island chain as a perfectly organized, perfectly symmetric-- WAVE TRAIN.

Believe it. 

Viewed at dawn's first light-- dropping down from the high up saddle road--  corduroy, clear blue aqua glass that stretches to the horizon.

If all factors line up, that energy moving in the sub-tropic waters form perfect A-frame waves when it hits the island shelf. Happens seasonally and some years not at all.

Each wave presents a rare and potentially perfect series of opportunity and moments. 

Adrenal glands crank on full red alert, racing the heart uncontrollably-- at the menacing force of the triple overhead sets. Always an eye on the indicators for the rogue wave and it's perilous clean up set. 

Wait, wait, wait for the right wave to line up-- NOW-- GO NOW!--  the moment to GIT SOME!  Scratch like hell, feel the surge, snap up, drop in and all senses overload--  time expands-- radically, exponentially. 

Lost in the rush of the moment, no matter what else happens, when to kick out on that perfect wave? Took years and inhumane, masochistic heaps of humility to get half way skilled enough to actualize the experience.  Ride the reform too long-- lured by the adrenalin surge and get worked, a hazard to board, bone and guaranteed space suit punctures when it jacks up-- then pounds-- the reef shore break.

Might be, Ol' Chef rode this one too long. Something to do with the distorted and indulgent times, likely. Still, a longer sweet groove ride than the previous abbreviated version. When to kick out? Up to you.

What the fuck, do ocean swells, wave trains, perfect A-frame waves, surfing and Chef's groove have to do with Rider football and the EE game? 

Nothing.... and everything. 

All the mysterious and ever changing, yet requisite ingredients, must be present to both catch a perfect wave and win football games. 

Which wave to paddle for? When to kick out and avoid peril? When to ride it to the end? When to time up a lull in sets to paddle back out through the hectic impact zone to go get more? 

Cortez faces EPIC surfing-type challenges for this EE game.

WWMD? What will Marshall do? 

Compelling drama right here. Gonna be good. 6-1?.... 1-6? Doesn't mean shit right now. 

Believe that!

Marvin Gaye-- "Got To Give It Up" 

Kukan Dub Lagan-- "Roots of Vibration"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


#58 Xavier Fulton with a truly remarkable display of football skill, athleticism, power, intensity and finish.

From striking the awesome initial punch, to engulfing and displacing-- then depositing the big body defender on his butt out of bounds. Ya don't see this kind'a deal every game or even every season.

A supreme effort that deserves attention.

Like Dilke's, Bhagwan Shree Nagurski, once said: 

"It's only one snap.... BUT OH!.... What a snap!"

Clearly the single most EYE-POPPING play from a CFL Hog so far in this 2013 season.


Sunday, August 18, 2013



The Stamp game was the first time of this 2013 campaign, the Rider O employed a significant number of snaps out of 7 step drop back protection. A CFL offensive default. According to "Coke Bottles" Carl (so take it with a large grain of brain damage), it was 19 out of 41 snaps not including the final series which skewed the numbers.

Previous games-- due to the success of the running game, play action passes, slide protection, and double tight formations-- the Hogs were minimally required to 7 step drop back protect.

7 step drop back protection is the true measure of a CFL Tackle's ability to take care of business and the job description they hang their hats on.

Against top caliber opponents this was a big test for Young Ben and provided an excellent measure of his progress. From being thrown out at RT unprepared in the pre-season; to eight games later. 

Hope this video provides insight.

Some folks are concerned about the offensive production the last two games. Take care of the microcosms and the macrocosm takes care of itself.

All things considered, an impressive performance!
Keep working young buck, looks like you're in good hands with Coach Malone.

A major add-on in Cortez's Zone Run scheme has been to maneuver a slot into an 
H-Back position with the job description to block an edge defender or release in play action.

Friends, decide for yourselves. We saw reason for hope in the 2nd T-Cat game. Now?

As far as defences loading the box? Please do the math with us. You'll see the math adds up while Sheets remains unaccounted for. 

shitty video images-should'a stuck to hockey- TSN

Sing it Merle....

Thursday, August 8, 2013


OK Gang.

You got us!

Full confession. Here in Dilke, there's a predilection to over the top-- trippin' out-- trying to nail a point.

This time? 

THIS TIME.... ain't goin' no where near too far. 

Riders vs Stamps II has all the makings of an EPIC CONFRONTATION the likes that ain't never been seen in the CFL. 

Ya, ya, ya..... we hear ya.... Elmer... What? Ya forget to medicate today? Ya forget to pull on yer tin foil hat?

Just so happens-- more than fully medicated and the tin foil hat is fully programmed to receive.

With potential playoff implications, first place at stake, the leading rushers battle mixed with a dose of QB drama-- there's more than the usual Rider/ Stamp at McMahon hype. 

According to Señora El Rumpo Grande that's all true, well and good. But behind the plays on the field stage a far, far greater production is about to unfold. This is grand scale, magnitude and consequence packed, unprecedented drama for a CFL August regular season game.

A drama-- that has all the makings to put it up there with the biggest of all biggie Historical Battles. 

You name it.... Alexander The Great vs The Persians at Guagamela; Napoleon and Wellington tusslin' at Waterloo; Montgomery's and Rommel's "dust up",  at El Alamein; even Cupar's Anus McJerk droppin' gloves with D-Town's own "Insanity Klaus" Huber at center ice then the sequel battle of the Dilke Hotel pool table.

Now, the centre stage spot lights fix to shine on Field Marshall Grand Master George Cortez pitted against Stamps DC Rick Campbell.

George brings a considerable career's worth of experience, successes, knowledge, wisdom and expertise to this engagement. 

Not like Campbell just fell off the turnip cart, either. 

And, just like Montgomery at El Alamein in North Africa, Campbell's had two weeks to prepare strategy, logistics and personnel. In addition, he has access to significant expert resources-- in office and outside via connections and communication throughout the football world. 

No flies on George, neither.

Think about it.

When's the last time you saw, a CFL offence structured so radically and noticeably different from the other seven, that purrs along, (to borrow an Etch and O's term)-- like a well oiled machine?

To this point, Cortez's offence has been a systemic and operational juggernaut. 

Plenty of talent.  But, by all appearances, the players are selling out on a level that indicates they believe in each other and they believe in what they're being asked to do. They believe because the schemes and the play calling are sound and they work. Success begets success and effort becomes contagious. 

Can Campbell and the Stamp defence derail it?

Gonna call this game the greatest challenge of Campbell's career. Could well be a definer.  

Not like anyone's gonna get fired under the goal posts at half time.  BUT, the likely consequences of this OC vs DC battle are that one's reputation will be diminished-- which has potential to affect future prospects; while the other's reputation is enhanced. High stakes indeed!

Not necessarily about who wins or loses the game. It's about which co-ordinator and system prevails though the series of assaults, counter assaults and strikes to fracture the opposing structure and seize advantage. 

Campbell's opening move-- according to the depth chart released today-- has the Stamps starting twelve imports on D. Best to wait 'till they drop four, to see how that shakes out. 

Then look for the configurations in the first few series. How will he counter if George continues with the "Standard Operating Procedure"--  addin' a big body and sluggin' it out in the phone booth. 

What does Grand Master George have up his sleeve for the expected counter moves? What offensive wrinkles lay in wait?

Don't forget-- among other moments-- George ran a highly productive,  multi-formation offence with Aaron Rodgers under center at Cal Berkely; at the time when the Bears turned the Pac-10 on it's ears, some, and were bowl bound every year.  In 2004, Cal was-- a Mack Brown, "Texas Sized Tantrum" to the media-- away from sluggin' it out in the National Championship Bowl game. He's seen most of all of it; at one time or another. Campbell's gonna have to get up pretty darn early in the morning to put one over.

WHOOOWEEE!!! ........... Gonna be a good one.

 # 2 of 3 regular season.


Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery

Field Marshall Erwin (The Desert Fox) Rommel

Then there's the part about players executing assignments, making plays, blocking, maintaining gap integrity, tackling, running the ball, throwing, catching... ya know-- players playing the game.

The high probability is-- success one way or the other results in being in on a victory. But as only one aspect of the team game and this IS the quirky-- sometimes zany CFL-- ain't no guarantees bout nuthin'.

In the end, it's in the player's hands.

Godspeed Green and White.

THIS GAME IS BEYOND ANYTHING THAT'S COME BEFORE. And to think, some still, hold the notion CFL games don't matter until after labor day? 

Actor George Montgomery

Monday, August 5, 2013


Friends,  please be advised-- IT/ commuter/ video production wizards-- we ain't!  

The leap from the tap tap morse code wireless to the CB  radio was a BIG 10/4 ... but this computer business-- apparently-- has us by our half-wit, village comprehensionally challenged-- short and curlies. 

Even gonna let ya in on an ugly (Dilke insider), secret--- "Coke Bottles Carl Huber", he's the brains behind this video outfit.  Nuff said. 

For refresh and review:
"Gonna try and break it down real simple. The defence is designed to put a guy in every gap and contain the ball regardless of where it goes.

The zone run developed as an answer. 

It says to the D,  "you won't be able to plug the gaps and keep them plugged uniformly if we can create a crease, by either--  moving defenders horizontally while cutting others off-- WIDE ZONE RUN; or in this INSIDE ZONE RUN example--  by displacing defenders vertically (upfield) or diagonally.

Zone is just that-- zone. The Hogs get on tracks and block zones. They still account for defenders but it stems from a different premise than "man blocking". Crease reads are predetermined  based on defensive alignment and then adjusted according to the defender's reactive movement and where space is created.

Zone Run schemes require a RB who has great vision, timing and both a horizontal and a vertical burst.  Gotta go sideways sometimes before ya hit it north and south

As an esteemed CFL defensive mind recently emphasized-- some defences currently treat Cortez's run design, when he deploys the extra big bodies, like they have to defend eight gaps, when in fact they must account for ten gaps.

These are very interesting and BIG FUN TIMES to be a RIDER FAN! 

Encourage all to stay awake at wheel and don't miss out. Some very cool and extra special things happening out there thanks to George and the players.

Cortez spells it out. Nuff said.
(compliments to and of Riderville)

Inside Zone Run/ 2nd & 3. 

LaBatte and Fulton displace the 1st level guy taking him for a ride right into into the 2nd level defender; good decision to stay on it and keep ridin'. Look at the space boldly created where no space existed before. BEAUTY!

Pleased to note, what a fine job McHenry does initially sealing the backside cutting the Quick End-- Blue #75. Then, with extra effort executes the ol' "snake in the grass" double cut technique. 

Defensive ends aren't "lovin' it" these days. Hard to pin back their ears with bodies flyin' at 'em from all directions. Has a way of givin' a guy pause for thought.

Would've been intersting to be a fly on the ball and heard what Kalif beaked to Carter. Apparently #94's hyped as "COLLUSUS". The guy IS a beast but what does that make X and Blue? 

Looked more like the URBAN LEGEND-- prison shower scene.

Said play is also an example of the question posed by DJR (Curious in Cupar). Outta be able to see that Double's reverse pivot action after the hand off, put him on a parallel path with Sheets when it bent back. 

Notice how much hi-lite action involves X?

Brings to mind a recollection. 

As a fervent Rider fan and high school player, used to attend the Rider Quarterback Luncheons. Once a week at noon, during the season, they'd pack the Y.M.C.A. gym or the Armoury. The head table-- a Rider coach and a couple of players who, after the hotdogs and jello mould salads got scarfed, would answer a few questions. Then they'd dim the lights, set up the film projector, raise the screen and the coach would show fifteen minutes or so of game film. 

Back then, the Riders had Bill Baker at one defensive end and Gorgeous George Wells (of later wresting fame) at the other. Jim Eddy-- the DC, showed one particular play over and over back and forth-- full speed, slo mo, forward, backward. Marvelling over an UBER ATHLETIC play-- Wells had made. His words-- to the effect, "Look at that!  George's like a BIG OL' CAT out there!"

We'd been at the game and had seen the play but listening to and watching Coach Eddy explain and point out on the black and white game film, in detail, what Wells had done was a glimpse into a glimmering secret treasure trove. Very cool at the time.

Place a point of emphasis at 3:19 of the video. Check out how X pounces out and cuts the backside LB Black #6, then springs up and continues to maul. EXACTLY LIKE A BIG OL' CAT! 

Don't recall seeing such an UBER ATHLETIC CFL offensive lineman since the days of the well deserved, Hall Of Famer-- Rudy Phillips. 

 *shitty video images of football through a hockey looking glass courtesy of TSN arrogance and incompetence and The Modern CFL

Caleb Klauder & gang-- absolutely slay a Jimmie C Newman-- b-side-- classic. 

That was sooo' gooo'd... one, clearly, ain't enough!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Accordin' to Betty, she says, "best to offer up a sample, so's the kind readers-- get 'em a taste".

Thing is, here in Dilke, we don't move too fast fer nuthin' nor fer NOBODY!  So best ya don't go holdin' yer breath. More choice Hi-Lites'll be along in due time.

(Epic photo courtesy of

                                 THE WALL OF GREEN

Lilke we said, just for starters.

First play--  4th quarter, 2nd & 8. "THE GREEN WALL". Pay particular attention to Heenan and Best. 

Second play--  the Uber Athletic X-MAN  gettin' after ass all by his bad self.

Anybody  see another LT do this to a Quick End (not a small body)  be sure and call over to the DIlke Hotel and let us know.

That outta get the media's attention!

absolutely horrible amateur video images courtesy of the hacks at TSN