Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Accordin' to Betty, she says, "best to offer up a sample, so's the kind readers-- get 'em a taste".

Thing is, here in Dilke, we don't move too fast fer nuthin' nor fer NOBODY!  So best ya don't go holdin' yer breath. More choice Hi-Lites'll be along in due time.

(Epic photo courtesy of

                                 THE WALL OF GREEN

Lilke we said, just for starters.

First play--  4th quarter, 2nd & 8. "THE GREEN WALL". Pay particular attention to Heenan and Best. 

Second play--  the Uber Athletic X-MAN  gettin' after ass all by his bad self.

Anybody  see another LT do this to a Quick End (not a small body)  be sure and call over to the DIlke Hotel and let us know.

That outta get the media's attention!

absolutely horrible amateur video images courtesy of the hacks at TSN