Friday, September 20, 2013



A lame kowtow to media and legal counsel?

Thinly veiled, posturing to manipulate fan and media perception--  fuelled by fear of current concussion related legal action south of the border? 

Only one thing is certain, has less than ZERO to do with Rider #41 playing the game of football.

To Tyron Brackenridge and others throughout the CFL--  please continue playing the game the way it's meant to be played. Incidental head contact is unavoidable. 

CBC's Malcolm Kelly, " Note: That's three times this year a Rider has led with his head on a tackle and hurt someone. One of these times, at a key moment, the refs are going to notice it, call it and Saskatchewan will lose because of it."

Who holds this BOZO accountable? What cereal box spewed out BUDDY'S license to pass judgement on matters, when so clearly, out of his depth? 

The Society's opinion-- better Kelly sticks to twisting young impressionable journalism student minds with the success story-- "How I Kissed The Right Ass In A Tax Payer Paid For Media Institution, Wrote A Couple Of Words And Got Paid Your Tax Dollars To Do It";  (a truly heartwarming, if cautionary tale of one man's self aggrandized quest and publically subsidized entitlement). 

Any football knowledge or talent-- incidental.

To Cohon, Higgins, Jake fuckin' "debate team" Ireland or whoever else called this shot. You need get called out. 

Fineable offence? BULLSHIT! 

Society members further weigh in.

Delores "Dolly Lama" Shingoose-- "Boondoggle, double dealin' dupery".

Baghwan Shree Nagurski-- "Make believe and a mockery of the game of football". 

Vince Lombardi's Ghost-- "Shameful! The guy get's paid how much? Taking hard earned dollars out of #41's pocket to make you look good? Shame, shame, shame on you.....  It is a reality of life that men are competitive and the most competitive games draw the most competitive men. That's why they are there - to compete. The object is to win fairly, squarely, by the rules - but to win."

Hell, cut his hand off. He'll never do it again.

According to our sources even Blue #44 Chad Kackert contacted Brackenridge via twitter saying if he needed any help with the appeal to let him know.

Wanna fine someone? 

Fine the TSN clowns who-- in complete and utter football ignorance-- have latched onto and now mercilessly flog the buzz phrase-- "head to head contact"-- in every context and at every opportunity. A far greater threat to overall CFL integrity than any play on the field.

It's football for gosh sakes

Tell 'em to fuck off back to figure skating, women's synchronized swimming, gymnastics or wherever the alleged expertise lies. And when they get there, fuck off again!