Sunday, August 31, 2014


This is going to be a fun one.

CARNIVAL GREEN A GO GO in the stands and SLUGGO A GO GO on the field.

The meet in Winnipeg was way more physical and intense than most. Now, with all that goes along with a Labour Day Classic this will surely be more, if not more, than more of the same.

Winnipeg is going with three Americans on their offensive line..... (note: not internationals... what is this, fucking Mexico? Soccer?). (Hell, less of an insult to call them Temporary Foreign Workers..... that is, if Cohon wants EVERYTHING CFL templated Ronald McDonald style).

That right there ougtta amp up combat levels of the run game. If the Bombers can sustain run yardage and time of possession without turnovers, could make things very interesting.

Bob Wylie manifests on scheme today? 

On the flip side. What does Rider O.C. Grand Master George have up his sleeve to counter the slice and dice mad cap mayhem the Bomber D presented last game. Big body Jerome served enough physicality to create enough inches to make bunches of yards but didn't result in points.

What about today? 

What does the Bomber D version 2014.10 have planned to challenge the Rider ground game? You can believe concepts loom larger than TSN's experts will notice or mention.

When George turns to the default slide protection how many defenders end up where and how? How committed will the manoeuvred slots and RB's be to the physical demands of protection against big, medium and bad assed small bodies? We know RB Allen is exceptional, how 'bout the rest?

Who wins the turnover battle?

Dan Clarke sure picked a hell of a day to make his debut as a starting RG. There'll be some head swimmin', no doubt. As long as he doesn't end up by his lonesome as a lawn ornament or a twirling dervish; reckon he'll make out fine by SMACKIN' someone. That and anchor down when the long arm push comes.

Don't chase ghosts.

Bomber with a Green V-- #23 Desia Dunn

#16 Swain & #6 Bagg get it done outside the box

Thursday, August 7, 2014


The obvious elephant in the room of the Rider/ Bomber matchup is..........             "ETCH IS BACK!"

Quote #1--"Player production is intimately related to the scheme employed by the team he plays for, and the chemistry within that team."

Quote #2-- "As mentioned here last time: to say that offenses won't be patient enough to run the ball consistently through any game is an observation. THAT STATEMENT IS NOT A PLAN."

Quote #3-- "Remember: No points for yards; No points for first downs; No points for time of possession; None for QB-rating, or percentages of any kind.  All yards are three-feet, but in the game of football, all yards are NOT equal."

For those who know what's what, the Cortez/ Etch matchup is BY FAR the most riveting aspect of the game and will surely have the most bearing on the win or lose.

That's it right there. The Uber Heavyweight tilt, thus far, of this 2014 season. 

Good fun having Etch back in business. The business of terrorizing O-Lines, O-line coaches and O.C.s. 


BC's OL got their Teletubbie asses reamed.

What does Cortez have planned? 

You can believe, ever since Etch's hire, George has spent an inordinate amount of time and energy reviewing, remembering, researching the past and since the season opener--- noting trends of the Etch D Version 2014.7.

No secret how Etch regards Cortez and thus revels in the opportunity to compete against the best.

Quotes from Etch's & O's.
"Offensive coordinator George Cortez, along with Hufnagel (now that Trestman is in Chicago), are the top offensive minds in the league."..................

"The issue of two tight ends.

When the Stamps weren't being worn down and wornout by the Riders' two tight end, AND two tight end PLUS (enter receiver Chris Getzlaf) passing, and especially running game, Calgary was assisting by being very unsound defensively.

As Saskatchewan offensive line coach Doug Malone explained in a SportsCage interview much earlier in the season, two tight end formations kind of "thin-out" the defence.  What an understatement.

(Wonder if any of the Toronto-area media that back in Y2K tried to undo then Argo head coach John Huard's CFL career before it even got going, simply because of the mere prospect of two tight end offensive formations, now see Huard as a visionary of sorts?  Probably not.  They've accidentally-on-purpose forgotten.  "Ya but what I think...")

We know that the defensive technology being currently deployed in the CFL versus these formations is not sustainable.  That is, defensive success against plays deployed from this family of formations is in spite of the tactics executed, not because of them.  This includes both the Ticat and Rider units (a few of Stampeder RB Jon Cornish's second half big runs were from two tights.)

This "thin-out" affect occurs in both the passing game, and the running game.  And in this one, Saskatchewan used this kind of formation about 20- to 30% of the time!

Sheets carried 28 times for 177-yards (with a long of 30-yards) and one TD.  At times you saw him (or Jock Sanders) rip through the line, through a "thinned-out" space or seam.  But mostly he explored a crowded middle, only to bounce it out wide where the Calgary defence could not contain him because of over-compensating in the middle of the line.

The Riders have been more committed to these formations throughout the season, certainly in this West Final, than has Hamilton, however the Ticats do use them.

Talk about so-called X's & O's, if you're into such things.  This two tight end topic alone could keep us occupied throughout the winter!"................

"To further challenge the senses -- In the passing game -- isolation is the offence's friend, the defence's enemy."

Interesting, that in all of the media hub bub, little mention is made of the Etch factor. 

Here's a heads up to fans.... NOTICE the narratives TSN's "expert" analysts use to SELL their version of the Bomber D's scheme and or it's shortcomings.... but don't blindly BUY 'EM.

In the July 17 Bomber/Eskimo game QB Riley broke free from plays that should've been made to toll 90 plus yards. The EE running game and O was held in check considering the Bomber O production. Didn't stop "expert" colour man Duhhnigan after a 4th quarter QB scramble, "see there GOrd... run the ball... that's how you beat an Etcheverry defence".

Typically mute it, but if Suitor is tonight's "expert", might have to listen in.... just for the narrative's unintentional entertainment value.

Even Bomber alumni Brett McNeil added his 2 bits on July 6th’s sportcage…. “I’ve played and coached against coach Etcheverry, he’s got a very unique defence that’s completely fluid and ever changing, there are ways to beat him, if you move the pocket you’ve got a good chance to beat coach Etcheverry”.

Never so simple nor black and white. The action's always in the greys. 

You can believe Version 2014.7 is significantly evolved with updated, built in answers to the vast majority of current questions. 

More sophisticated in it’s simplicity-- a contradiction in terms? You got it! 

Welcome to---  nothing is black nor white. A half Grand Master chess match/ half black jack game/ half three card monte hustle. 

BUT... BUT... How can you have THREE halves? 

Exactly the sensation O-Linemen and their coaches experience when what they thought was solid footing, turns to quick sand in a rumbling earth quake.

See what happens. Should be good. If we have the jam, might detail it out later.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Wally has always built his teams around the front seven. Ya, this is Wally's team.

Through our myopic vision, tonight, we'll witness where the Rider Hogs are at. Forget about all the-- know nothing media/ gullible fan hype bullshit-- about what's what with the O-Line.... tonight, they've got their hands full. 

Especially the inside three.

Where are C Picard and LG Labatte at? Are they physically and technically equal to where they were last season? The Lion's front seven will demand answers to said question.

Khalif Mitchell is not in the NFL, at least right now, because he is a loon. In the meantime, there could be hell to pay. Eric Taylor just might have a 45 gallon drum of 2 hog surface eatin' whup ass-- ready to rain, too.

RG Chris Best is no shrinking violet... more like a beast. As long as he can keep his feet organized, there'll be some BRUTAL BEAUTY* on the Taylor Field turf tonight. 

Weathering the opening onslaught and keeping the Lion D on the field is huge. Big defender bodies, kept on the field, typically run low on gas. 

How many snaps are the Lion LB'ers kept clean to make plays?

What does OC George Cortez have schemed up to mitigate Wally's--  American heavy-- front seven?

Ya, there're called Canadian football players and American football players. They day we call football players stupid terms (nationals & internationals)--  dreamt up by a Toronto office inbred pencil neck--  is the day Dinosaurs stomp Dilke's dusty post apocalyptic streets chomping the Co-op's gas pump sending massive mushroom fireballs up....  in the still prairie sky.

Godspeed and git'er done Rider Hogs.

Khalif Mitchell the loon.

* credit to Rider Alumni Luc Mullinder.... awesome line! Thanks.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Fair warning to kind readers-- this is gonna be a rambler. 

Talkin' about football is fun. Writin' about CFLPA vs CFL ain't fun. Ain't gonna be fun readin' neither.... But it's gotta get done. 

Wade through it if ya can-- guarantee there'll be a few things ya haven't heard, read or considered before.  Preemptive apologies for the wormhole meandering......  guess it's A-- seen enough stars to have our own constellation-- THING....  good thing is, generations of weathering Saskatchewan's seasonal onslaughts taught us, long ago, to recognize what's what with what's trickling down the back of our necks.... RAIN or PISS. 

To remind, the CFL with all its vagaries, is 100% unique to any other pro sports league or any other Canadian business and the players are 100% different than any other labour pool.  

For a LONG time now, and even more so today, every CFL locker room has been comprised of a core group of CANADIAN KEEPERS (high demand/low supply), a few ENTRENCHED AMERICANS (proven & elite) and then the remainder who enjoy variable time lines in the meat grinder-- depending on the-- "for whatever reasons"


Another key dynamic is remnant from the days of nine disparate clubs and it's-- every man for himself CFL Circus Daze-- owners, GM's, coaches and players. History and the evolution of all things CFL factors big in the NOW.

1st the players

The players are unjustly and, in our view, immorally under paid. Particularly those paid close to the league minimum. 

Since the brief window of affluence in the early 80's-- to now-- the players spread cheeks and bent over-- every time-- to help keep the league afloat. Salaries cut.... then cut again from 16th's to 18th's....  2 games in 4 days travel budgets.... etc. ad absurdum. 

Let's look at the minimum salary-- hard fought for in the strike of '74 that pushed it to $11,000-- in today's dollars that's approximately $55,500. Much more than the current proposed minimum.

In '74 the $CDN was at par or above the $USD. Also, the GST etc. etc. weren't part of the picture. In '74 many players had other jobs to supplement their CFL salaries. With the training and other demands on today's players, outside employment is not feasible. 

Times have changed. Hyper fragmented-- markets, exposure, access, etc. all, as current curiosities percolate to the bizarre.

This is the central premise and pivotal concept to consider.... 

What is a player's TRUE value to CFL fans, media and to the league?

How is it possible-- the low on the totem pole guys-- IN FULL GEAR ON GAME DAY, under the lights and in front of the cameras-- playing on O, D and flying down the field on special teams get paid less than-- as examples: the police patrolling the sideline, the media, the broadcast crews-- camera men etc., and less than most fans... including these entry level positions offered on the Rider website, (according to sources, potentially paying up to $58,000)?

The city of Regina pays more than 500 employees $100,000 plus. Good for the city employees, they require and deserve it. How many Riders get $100,000 plus?


Long time CFL-er Angus Reid, nailed it. 

"They have to bring up the bottom end so you can call yourself a professional league where every player can make it their only job,' Reid said. "They need a minimum salary to compete against the other guy who might be getting paid more. Then we could all call ourselves professional athletes." *

To further Angus' point, check out what the American football coach's, "go to site", for all things coaching-- hires, fires, trends etc.-- on May 21, had to say.

"There's a labor dispute going on in the CFL. Why American coaches should care.

Outside of the union dispute going on at Northwestern, there is currently labor peace in America's major sports. The NFL, NBA and NHL have emerged from their recent labor battles and are currently in a cease fire until their current collective bargaining agreements expire, and Major League Baseball has been in a constant state of relative harmony since its 1994 strike.
North of the border, though, they're gearing up for what has already become a public labor dispute. 
The Canadian Football League doesn't have the history of labor strife that its American counterparts have suffered through, there just hasn't been enough money to fight over. With the league on the verge of a lockout, the CFL has forwarded the following offer to its players:
We are not nearly nuanced enough to give a reasoned take on whether or not this a fair offer. That's not the point.
Look at that minimum salary: $45,000. Convert it back to American dollars, and the league minimum player is earning $41,115 before taxes. Should the players' union take the league's offer, five years from now the lowest-paid CFL player will earn $55,000, or $50,297 in American dollars. 
The NFL rookie minimum is $420,000 in 2014. Clearly, every player is choosing the NFL over the CFL, but that's not an option for most players. American college players head to Canada as a way to catch the eye of an NFL team, extend the dream of playing football for as long as possible, or both. 
But as coaches, you should be as informed as possible if an undecided player seeks counsel on whether to join the CFL or follow another path in life. He can continue playing football in Canada, but he won't get rich doing it." 

Clearly, and not just in the player's minds... the players are being low ball exploited, at a time when the league is in an obvious position to pay more... so pay more! 

Very disappointed at the CFLPA's last offer which lowered the minimums. 

MEMO TO FLORY! Bump the minimums back up in the next proposal. Based on the league's tactics so far, why not? 

When in doubt, question authority. Especially self proclaimed, Napoleonic petty tyrant-- take it or leave it-- authority.

The current MORPHAGE CFL configuration; 3 community owned clubs, 1 owner 2 clubs, 1 new ownership group with massive real estate side deals, etc.-- presents a conundrum slop pail full-- of perplexing problems. 

But it's also a MORPH that affords myriad methods to spin numbers and present business cases. JUST BECAUSE COHON OR COPELAND SAY IT.... DON'T MAKE IT SO!!!

There's no nice way to say this-- Cohon & cronies are BENT ON BULLYING the players. Devious dictating, disrespecting, undermining actions of double-dealin' dupery. A nasty bit of business that, we believe, suggests "certain" hidden agendas. We'll go deep with that later.

It doesn't add up.

Again, the central question: What value do CFL fans, media and the league place on the players who play the game?

Is a purported business case, predicated and dependant on economically exploited labour truly sustainable? The product on the field has NEVER been better due to the level of talent and the quality of the football op's, league wide.  

If the fans and media think the CFL has access to the ELITE, of the abundance of available-- other than NFL talent-- IN PERPETUITY..... think again. 

Refer to the history lessons of the 80's and 90's and the effect-- diminished import talent, sub-standard TV coverage, restricted access to view the product and no marketing had on CFL economics. 

As early as the late 70's, then CFL commissionaire-- tight fisted-- Jake Gaudar, despite CFLPA pleas, refused to create a marketing position with the stand, "Canadians have always watched the CFL and will always watch the CFL".  How did that work out?

Deja vu all over again? 

The negative perception-- in process-- south of the border combined with the probability of future development leagues that will offer superior after tax, after currency exchange-- cash in hand alternatives; rings eerily familiar.

Refer to Angus Reid's statement regarding young non-import talent.

Bottom line.... pay the players as much as is possible without the BULLYING BULLSHIT. Nothing good for the future of the CFL can come from it. Seem to recall being told, "THIS IS OUR LEAGUE".

Which segues to the CFL shot caller configurations. 

To be continued tomorrow..... or there abouts.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Depending on the outcome of the pending CFLPA strike mandate; the Society will soon weigh in.

A quick plea to fans. 

Now's the time, to consider the broad context of the CFL as a Canadian institution and
the current exploitation-- of the majority of it's players-- by selling silly, grossly under paid, soggy, french fry dreams. And please fans, exercise both independent thought and the capacity for critical analysis.... particularily in view of the player's position. 

This dispute is unique to any other Canadian labour situation.

Coincidence that both CFL Commissionaire Cohon AND Ronald McDonald speak with FORKED TONGUES?

Nuff said on that, for now.

Both Betty and Carl suggested this-- as an ideal time to lighten things up with some, "DILKE LORE". 

Our pal, "Artie from Woody Creek"-- a modern day, RIDER NATION, W.O. Mitchell/ John Steinbeck-- offers stellar prairie vignettes.  

So, set yourselves in the armchair for two to curl up in and pour some tall one's. 


1st, the genesis of the The Dilke Debate & O-Line Critique Society.

We used to have a Debate Society in Dilke with monthly get togethers at the Church. 

They were delightful affairs. 

Scrumptious sweets, tea and dainty sandwiches all courtesy of Mrs. Haversham and the ladies of The Smilers Club*. Always an enchanting evening of lively debate, civility and good manners. 

Then we moved it to The Country Squire in The Fort. Became the Rant Society-- skulling Pilsners and going off on RIDER RANTS. Some lucid, some not. The rants continue until completely incomprehensible-- drunken slurs-- really. 

Then the fists fly. 

Can't call it an enchanting evening but guess you could call it an evening, if it was the evening, but we usually have them in the afternoon.

But that's the Squire ah?


I've had more than my share of weekends in Dilke, waking up late in the morning in a blinding rush of pain and nausea, unsure of the previous nights events....  hell, unsure even where I was when I woke up, at least until Elmer's big Shepherd cross decided my face needed a wash, or the scent of Elmer's old lady's $8/gallon perfume comes wafting up the stairs as she gets on her "goin' out dress"....  the same damn cloth these bedroom curtains are made from, only faded out from years of Monday washings.

Anyway, having spent so many of these days, I have managed a better-than-most ability to understand Elmer, even with his teeth out, which is an accomplishment that earns me regular accolades at the Dilke bar, especially once we hit the fun side of midnight, and the pickled eggs start looking tasty....

Where I'm going with all of this, in very Elmer-ish fashion, I'll admit, is that I can interpret Elmer, and what he said was this:

Technique is king, and #??'s technique, right now, ain't great. That does not mean he doesn't try hard. It also doesn't mean he doesn't have good plays or even good games.

But technique is an absolute limiting factor at the OL position at this level. Long term, you can't compensate for technique by effort, strength or even god-given football instinct. 

So what Elmer is saying is don't look at the result of the play, or even the result of the match-up of #?? and his DL opponent on the play as the basis of whether he's playing well. Look at the technique, and judge based on that.

Think of blackjack - you can play horrible blackjack strategy and still win - a particular, single hand. But you cannot play horrible blackjack strategy and win long term. 

We've all been to those stupid Christmas parties where they have the "fun" casino night, and Jane from accounting is a little tipsy, and decides to throw caution to the wind and hit on 18, and pull a three for 21. Yes, she won the hand, but it was still done wrong. And over 100 hands....1,000 hands, the error of that will be proven out, and she will never be truly good, until she....  wait for it....  learns the proper technique.

That's what Elmer is sayin'.


I'm the funny one, right? 

And not just because I can make the Mrs. giggle so hard she snorts sweet tea out of her nose, has to wipe it in the checkered red apron she always wears, and TRIES to be angry with me. But even with her eyes narrowed and she assumes that coquettishly aloof stance that must have dropped the boys in her day, I know she can't hold a grudge.

And, sure enough, whenever there's an odd number of cookies, fried chicken pieces, flapjacks, or any food-thing to distribute, more often than not, the extra finds its way onto my plate.

Always a nice feeling knowing you never have to count drumsticks as they come out of the pan.....


I once asked Elmer about political correctness and he said to me "Son.... "[we're not that different in age, but when Elmer gets to preachifyin' he calls everyone "son" or "little girl", as circumstances warrant].  Anyway he says to me, "Son, to me politically incorrect is when you hop in the truck to go to the Co-op board meetin' and you somehow turn up at the Credit Union board meetin' instead. Mostly the same people, and the same bad coffee sittin in that tin urn at the back of the room on that card table with the one rickety leg we used to square up with a matchbook, the one with the cigarette burns along the edges of it from old George Hapscombe, who was the only person in Dilke allowed to smoke indoors after 1985, on account of his bum leg from the war and all. And.... now what was your question?"

That's Elmer.

Yep, he wore a fifteen-pound beard of bees for that woman, too, but it wasn't enough...


If memory serves, Thursday's are rug-pounding days in Dilke. 

Mostly it's just an excuse for the women-folk to gossip and take out their frustrations on an old, threadbare 8x10 "heirloom", but any men caught within eyesight get drafted into hauling rugs in and out, fetching lemonade, new beatin' sticks and the like. 

So Elmer, like the rest of the Dilke men, tend to make themselves scarce until around dusk, when the pounding is over and the smell of cooking cabbage wafting over the prairie air draws them back....


And nary a mention of Artie Lange. 

I figured at least my stopping by to give Betty that bone-in ham and magnum of baby duck right 'round the new year would have garnered some attention, but perhaps there was a little too much wine drinkin' and not enough ham eatin', and my visit was forever lost in the fog of drunkenness you can only really create on those cold winter nights where no one leaves the kitchen except to pee or puke. 

And I seen Betty's mutt Jingles cartin' around that ham the next morning, and there seemed to be less than a little bit of meat left on, so it might appear that both Elmer AND Jingles were taking some liberties that night, and that's something that never happens to Betty until she's well past drunk and speeding by blackout stage. She'll still whup you in Kaiser even when she's no longer capable of speech, but the ol' knee-hinges seem to get a little looser on those nights. 

There's an old saying in Dilke - you wanna know the state of someone's sex life? Hang around the Sarcan bottle return depot. I never understood it until I helped Elmer cart over a box of empty wine bottles one Saturday morning. He was wearing last night's flannels, misbuttoned, greener than a grinch from the drink, but smilin' like old Jingles was over that half-eaten ham.

Elmer, hope things are well in Dilke. I'll be by 'round when seeding starts. Your turn to buy the wine.


Artie... pal.... thanks for your contribution. The absolute best Dilke, Saskatchewan lore we've stumbled upon, EVER!  Delightful reading.


Seedin's 'bout half done and SeƱora El Rumpo Grande says she's got her a hankerin' for another bone-in..... "ham". 

There'll be no wine this time.... we got us sumthin' better.... much better--  potato mash so smooth it'll numb yer tonsils goin' down an' back up again. 

Backdoor Betty and that sad bastard "Coke Bottles" Carl, insisted we throw in a Society re-visit while we're at it.

The revisionist, historically accurate, truth about the verbage-- "MANG".

KID FROST-- "La Familla"

"Mang" means Man but pronounced with a heavy Mexican accent. Not to be confused with pendejo, pinche cabrone or puta madre.

It's first documented use was right here in Dilke in the early 1900's. "Ey mang wuz happnin?"-- has been the customary greeting since before our grandfathers time.

Where the perception became distorted was in the late 60's-- in East Los Angles-- at the time, when the Mexican population of California el grande burrito-ed due to liberalized welfare statutes. 

Local legend has it, that a "certain" Dilke dignitary-- en route to a Tijuana donkey show-- took a wrong turn on a LA freeway and instead found himself asking for directions at the hangout of Chicano lowrider gang members armed with more than menacing stares and bad intentions. 

Fortuitously, at the journey's inception the noble mayor of Dilke insisted our dignitary accept a slab of 24 Old Style Pil as a token. Now, faced with a most dangerous and tenuous situation, our man from Dilke cooly reached to the ice chest in the back seat and pulled out some stubbies. 

Of course, they all became fast friends over the rich, smooth taste of Pilsner. Long story short.... our Cholo lowriding, gangbanging friends loved our Dilke howdy so much they made it their own and the rest.... as they say, "IS HISTORY".

* credit Hiway 61

Gratuitous Saskatchewan Sunset. 

Credit to however took this pretty, pretty picture. We grabbed it off google.

Should be good for at least a fitty or some kind of special grant from Sask. Tourism.... according to Carl, eneways.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014



In other football related Vancouver news....


My Teamate said who I think Won the debate. I said the American Ppl. Cause if they watched carefully BOTH OF THEM Hide Money with the Chinks

Might be, John McKay had it right all along...... “I told our players that there were 700 million Chinese people in the world who didn't even know the game was played. The next week, I got five letters from China asking "What happened?"

In response to the comments section.....

Gary Farmer and Billy Bob Thornton broke it down and said it best in brief clips from Jim Jarmusch's genius creation-- "DEAD MAN" 1995. 

BIG GEORGE--  "I don't give a shit who saw what, and who did what, or who did who.....  why don't you shut your gawdamn trap and just eat your beans?".

Neil Young-- "Dead Man Theme"


Monday, April 14, 2014


"Coke Bottles" Carl submitted this to the Riders on June 27, 2013....  We'd assigned him to interview, a now, anonymous injured Green player.


Well........ you kind readers know how it is with Carl. Sad bastard. 

Everything he sets his hands to, invariably goes sideways to a shit show. 

Thank Christ, along come Betty. She stumbled on it-- in a pile of unpublished blog posts and said, "what the damn hell, run it eneways.... maybe edit a little first, ah?".

So, The Dilke Debate & O-Line Critique Society



"Coke Bottles" Carl:  bla bla, bla bla bla?

ANONYMOUS INJURED PLAYER: ............................................

CB Carl:  Injuries suck! It's a rare guy who doesn't get sniped by the Football Gods at some point. You're there, right in the thick of it then BAM!!....... you're out. What does the time line for a return to game ready look like?

ANONYMOUS INJURED PLAYER: ..................................................

CB Carl:  You a history buff, at all?

History as it pertains to your injury. You have a great-- time window opportunity--  to get the injury right, keep your head in it, AND, wait 'til you're 100% to get back under the lights.

See OL' GEORGE REED kickin' around practice sometimes?

Here's a heads up, from another old bull, put out to pasture so long ago-- can't hardly shoot dust no more-- next time you see GEORGE, you thank him personally.

It was George, and a few other guys of his era, who forced the changes that improved the lot of CFL players. When he started in the league, guys used to play with 
novocain shots on bone sticking through the skin type injuries. Or at least manage to get their game gear on. Back then if you didn't dress for the game you didn't get paid. 

(And we're not talkin' about freezing a tender-- whiny, Dunnigan type collar bone-- believe that)

Those were some hard core dudes!!!

Later, the trainer from that era-- Roy "Sandy" Archer-- who'd earned his chops as a medic in WW II, used to call us pussies because we wouldn't play with jagged bits poking through the epidermal layer. He'd say George and those guys would do it. 

But, Sandy was a jewel of a guy, everyone loved him. Ya, he was crusty, but after what he'd been through, seen and done-- as a medic; alleged concussions, soft tissue swelling, stretched/torn ligaments and the like, didn't impress him much. 

Can't hardly blame him, neither. 

Plenty of history in your Rider organization.

You shake George's hand, give him a pat on the back.... hell, give him a big hug and a HEARTFELT THANK YOU--  and you done right.

Thanks to George, even though you ain't playin' -- you're still cashin' cheques.

If then CFL commissionaire-- Jake Guadaur, and them, had their way nothin' would'a changed, never. 

Kind'a like what's goin' on now-- with the exploitation level-- low salaries.

On behalf of the entire Dilke Debate & O-Line Critique Society, good luck with the healing process, rehab and  we look forward to seeing you back out there.

ANONYMOUS INJURED PLAYER: ...........................


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Most mornings, wake up hungover-- in a foul fuckin' mood. 

Then the pain kicks in and things go, quickly downhill.

Not this day, though.

On this glorious day-- toe wagglin' to roots rhythms and glide ridin' riffs-- it's...  


"We just wanna see us all together... after forever... off in Shangri-la"


THE LEGEND.... Tony Clifton-- "Beginnings"
SKYROCKET STUFF for soul ascent.  High soars higher! 

Tony....  MY FRIEND....  this.....  this is WOW!

Carolina Chocolate Drops-- "Country Girl"

Rhiannon Giddens.

Earth SHAKIN'!!!….  Loin TINGLIN'!!!!…….  Stomp THE TERRA!!!!!!    


Cajun Country Revival-- "You Won't Be Satisfied" (Live at Pickathon Seattle 2012)

Then the toe tappin' ended.

Only then, did it all come crashing down.

Fortunately, there's always this.

Pretty Lights-- "Finally Moving"

Where did the man say, "it has to have soul"? 

Is soul even recognizable?  Interesting times-- these…. nice groove. 

As for me, I'd rather step in shit than smoke it.    

Makes me paranoid. As it is, already spend the better part of the day adjusting tin foil head gear.

Do dig this, though.
Queen Sparrow-- "Good Seed"

We especially like this next video. 

Awesome production value from a small scale creation-- reeks of love.  

Nice tune.... very nice. 

Queen is bona fide talented and jumps off the screen--  likeable and "supremely cool". Youth's self righteous edge expired-- "let it rain, let it rain, let it rain..."-- roars sweet resonance.....  ripples surrender to experience on the wet side,.

Plus, we truly dig the vignette, utopia slice of Puna and it's supporting cast-- one guy looks like Snoop Dogg's-- unwashed, off the grid-- older brother and another guy is a dead ringer for Rasta Nik Lewis on food stamps..... dig it from a distance.... upwind.


Queen Sparrow-- "Zion Town"

Tough acts to follow but the sounds David Rawlings gets out of his 1935 Epiphone  guitar defy comprehension. The guy can pick. 

And, with all due respect to Grace Slick, Gillian Welch takes it to another level.

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings-- "White Rabbit" (live)

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings-- 'Cortez The Killer" (Neil Young cover)

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings- "White Frieghtliner Blues" (Townes Van Zandt cover)

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. The Durham family from North London.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis-- "Going Up The Country" (live)

"I'm So Sorry"


Average songwriting on the Ska offering but outstanding  musically. That's eighty year old legend Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton on trumpet, accompanying the former child prodigies. 

Notice the depth and warmth of the sound? Comes through even on youtube. 

In the quest for quality, meaning, value and utility gleaned from the past; the Durham's record on vintage analogue equipment set up in their family home's front room. Children of a former drummer and a mastering studio owner, seems they reject digital technology with a near religious fervour. At least when it comes to recording.  

Very cool and right to the heart of it. 

Especially, when compared to the other synthetic and polymer mall exhibit-- boy bands with fiddles-- country music. George Straight and his lot included.

We applaud Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. 

One of  the "PLAY IT ON THE PRYE" selections. Nuff said.

John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat-- "Whiskey and Women"

Another "PLAY IT ON THE PRYE" selection.

Howlin' Wolf-- "Smokestack Lightning"

My main man and number one, bad ass hero-- Howlin' Wolf, said about this upcoming,1969 work, which mixed blues with psychedelic rock, " the album was DOG SHIT!" 

Howlin' Wolf didn't approve of the deviation from the form and disliked what he didn't consider to be blues. According to guitarist Pete Cosey, "during the recording sessions, Howlin' Wolf looked at me and he said, why don't you take them wah-wahs and all that other shit and go throw it off in the lake — on your way to the barber shop?'"

Sorry Wolf, we like it. You the only cat who could pull this off.

The psychedelic stuff Muddy Waters attempted, did largely fall down. In light of R.L. Burnside's later work with Fat Possum Records, I think ol' Wolf might've changed his opinion, if given the time on earth. 

Now's the time to play another from the "PYRE" list.

Howlin' Wolf -- "Evil" written by Willie Dixon 

A song written by Steve Earle at a very young age. Fantastic song.
That and it captures and mirrors the essence of CFL fodder. For that reason,
it's "Play It On The Pyre".

Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark--- "Mercenary Song" 

Me an' ol' Bill there we both come from Georgia
Met Hank out in New Mexico
We're bound for Durango to join Pancho Villa
We heard that he's payin' in gold

I guess a man's got to do what he's best at
Ain't found nuthin' better so far
Been called mercenaries and men with no country
We're just soldiers in search of a war

And we're bound for the border, we're soldiers of fortune
We'll fight for no country but we'll die for good pay
Under the flag of the greenback dollar
Or the Peso down Mexico way

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt-- "Natural Forces"

Always been a funny lookin' fella but he sure can write a song; and sing and play.
Awesome song!

The Cherokee an' the Chickasaw
Creek Seminole an' the old Chocktaw
"We volunteered to move!" they say
"And we'll understand, come Judgement Day".

An' so thank you ma'am, I must decline
For it's on this trail of tears I ride
An' I've done the road, the homeless sky
Sometimes at night I hear their voices
Home is where my horse is.

Now as I sit here safe at home
With a cold Coors Lite an' the TV on
All the sacrifice and the death and war
Lord I pray that I'm worth fighting for

An' so thank you ma'am, I must decline
For it's on my RPG I ride
Till Earth an' hell are satisfied
I'm subject to the natural forces
Sometimes at night I hear their voices
Home is where my horse is.
Home is where my horse is.

Warren Zevon-- "My Shit's Fucked Up"

The best that's ever been. 

Townes Van Zant-- "Waitin' Around To Die" (clip from documentary "Heartworn Highways")

Sometimes I don't know where this dirty road is taking me
Sometimes I can't even see the reason why
I guess I keep on gamblin', lots of booze and lots of ramblin'
It's easier than just a-waitin' 'round to die

One-time friends I had a ma, I even had a pa
He beat her with a belt once cause she cried
She told him to take care of me, she headed down to Tennessee
It's easier than just a-waitin' 'round to die

I came of age and found a girl in a Tuscaloosa bar
She cleaned me out and hit it on the sly
I tried to kill the pain, I bought some wine and hopped a train
Seemed easier than just a-waitin' 'round to die

A friend said he knew where some easy money was
We robbed a man and brother did we fly
The posse caught up with me, drug me back to Muskogee
It's two long years, just a-waitin' 'round to die

Oh that now i'm outta prison i got me a friend at last 
He don't drink or steal or cheat or lie
Well his name's Codeine, he's the nicest thing I've seen
And together we're gonna wait around and die
Well together we're gonna wait around......

Warren Zevon-- "Carmelita"

Shane MacGowan/ The Pogues-- "Rainy Night In Soho"

Townes Van Zandt-- "Pancho and Lefty"