Saturday, July 12, 2014


Wally has always built his teams around the front seven. Ya, this is Wally's team.

Through our myopic vision, tonight, we'll witness where the Rider Hogs are at. Forget about all the-- know nothing media/ gullible fan hype bullshit-- about what's what with the O-Line.... tonight, they've got their hands full. 

Especially the inside three.

Where are C Picard and LG Labatte at? Are they physically and technically equal to where they were last season? The Lion's front seven will demand answers to said question.

Khalif Mitchell is not in the NFL, at least right now, because he is a loon. In the meantime, there could be hell to pay. Eric Taylor just might have a 45 gallon drum of 2 hog surface eatin' whup ass-- ready to rain, too.

RG Chris Best is no shrinking violet... more like a beast. As long as he can keep his feet organized, there'll be some BRUTAL BEAUTY* on the Taylor Field turf tonight. 

Weathering the opening onslaught and keeping the Lion D on the field is huge. Big defender bodies, kept on the field, typically run low on gas. 

How many snaps are the Lion LB'ers kept clean to make plays?

What does OC George Cortez have schemed up to mitigate Wally's--  American heavy-- front seven?

Ya, there're called Canadian football players and American football players. They day we call football players stupid terms (nationals & internationals)--  dreamt up by a Toronto office inbred pencil neck--  is the day Dinosaurs stomp Dilke's dusty post apocalyptic streets chomping the Co-op's gas pump sending massive mushroom fireballs up....  in the still prairie sky.

Godspeed and git'er done Rider Hogs.

Khalif Mitchell the loon.

* credit to Rider Alumni Luc Mullinder.... awesome line! Thanks.


  1. Short but sweet as always Elmer.Keeo it going!

  2. Elmer, I love your posts, but what the heck are you actually saying? Sounds like a bunch of guys dropping themselves from a tree to get mad.

    Our team is crap and not really much of a team. Some talented individuals, maybe. Not a team right now. Too many changes. A real dropoff in talent. Was inevitable and predictable.

    We'll finish in 3rd, if lucky, and bow out in the WSF.

  3. Are Labatte and Picard where they were at the end of last season? In this game no.