Sunday, August 31, 2014


This is going to be a fun one.

CARNIVAL GREEN A GO GO in the stands and SLUGGO A GO GO on the field.

The meet in Winnipeg was way more physical and intense than most. Now, with all that goes along with a Labour Day Classic this will surely be more, if not more, than more of the same.

Winnipeg is going with three Americans on their offensive line..... (note: not internationals... what is this, fucking Mexico? Soccer?). (Hell, less of an insult to call them Temporary Foreign Workers..... that is, if Cohon wants EVERYTHING CFL templated Ronald McDonald style).

That right there ougtta amp up combat levels of the run game. If the Bombers can sustain run yardage and time of possession without turnovers, could make things very interesting.

Bob Wylie manifests on scheme today? 

On the flip side. What does Rider O.C. Grand Master George have up his sleeve to counter the slice and dice mad cap mayhem the Bomber D presented last game. Big body Jerome served enough physicality to create enough inches to make bunches of yards but didn't result in points.

What about today? 

What does the Bomber D version 2014.10 have planned to challenge the Rider ground game? You can believe concepts loom larger than TSN's experts will notice or mention.

When George turns to the default slide protection how many defenders end up where and how? How committed will the manoeuvred slots and RB's be to the physical demands of protection against big, medium and bad assed small bodies? We know RB Allen is exceptional, how 'bout the rest?

Who wins the turnover battle?

Dan Clarke sure picked a hell of a day to make his debut as a starting RG. There'll be some head swimmin', no doubt. As long as he doesn't end up by his lonesome as a lawn ornament or a twirling dervish; reckon he'll make out fine by SMACKIN' someone. That and anchor down when the long arm push comes.

Don't chase ghosts.

Bomber with a Green V-- #23 Desia Dunn

#16 Swain & #6 Bagg get it done outside the box

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