Friday, August 23, 2013


"Keep your eyes on the best, see what the best are up to-- then leap frog". The words of Dolly (from over behind the Co-op) Shingoose .... she's the closest thing we got in Dilke-- to a certain, his holiness-- The Dalai Lama-- himself.

Eneways.... a big tip of the                     Ol' SOMBRERO to the shot callers for launching the 
"Rider Coaches Show".

AND ABOUT BLOODY TIME!.....  Not exactly marketing rocket science. For an opening act-- a solid 3 of 10 possibles. Hopefully they hone it up as they progress. 

Straight up, times and circumstance have changed-- radically! 

If the Rider brand wants to restrict and control media/ fan access then manipulate and shape the message and perception (shared best practices-- NFL marketing 101), what better way than in house productions? 

Excellent example.

Applied to the  Rider effort,  of course,  numbers dictate a much smaller scale.  But in this-- the year of our Digital Lord 2013-- so much more is possible with so much less. To further the point-- if a quarter screw turn, from a drooling, full patch vegetable-- off the grid and indigent; can do an interweb blog complete with custom Hog video as a HOBBY; what should expectations be of full salaried "media professionals"?

Don't look to TSN's sad, tired, inept, miss the start of how many plays every broadcast/ how few camera's/ replays/ etc?, indifferent, uninspired, roll a turd in sprinkles, same broadcast crews/ give us a fuckin' break; same old-- nothing "modern" about it-- CFL same old. 

Fortunately, we dwell in a BRIGHT, SHINY GREEN-- WHAT IT IS! 

This season's Grey Cup frenzy spawned a mushroom of media growth to "feed the beast"-- that is Rider Nation. Some excellent, some mediocre and some cartoon strip, clown shows that bottom out the bell curve. 

The Dilke Debate & O-Line Critique Society is "WILD AND FREE AS THE WIND".      We kowtow to no one. 

Thing is, too far gone to give two fucks, we'll give what we give when the spirit or the notion moves us. Slamming the OH! in slOOOw mOOOtion.... don't move real fast fer nuthin' nor nobody.

When we do move, we vow it'll be worthwhile. 

Dig?.... Deal?

(another hint: the answers to many current Rider questions may be found by reviewing previous blog instalments)

Chef's groove. Ya hip?

Events beyond all our scopes sometimes create a cause-effect chain we're all oblivious to-- till much later down the line.

Severe, far away, storms create massive energy surges that manifest in upheaval ocean swells. Sometimes, those swells come from the perfect direction; with the perfect size and strength-- grand scale ripples-- that migrate to a distant island chain as a perfectly organized, perfectly symmetric-- WAVE TRAIN.

Believe it. 

Viewed at dawn's first light-- dropping down from the high up saddle road--  corduroy, clear blue aqua glass that stretches to the horizon.

If all factors line up, that energy moving in the sub-tropic waters form perfect A-frame waves when it hits the island shelf. Happens seasonally and some years not at all.

Each wave presents a rare and potentially perfect series of opportunity and moments. 

Adrenal glands crank on full red alert, racing the heart uncontrollably-- at the menacing force of the triple overhead sets. Always an eye on the indicators for the rogue wave and it's perilous clean up set. 

Wait, wait, wait for the right wave to line up-- NOW-- GO NOW!--  the moment to GIT SOME!  Scratch like hell, feel the surge, snap up, drop in and all senses overload--  time expands-- radically, exponentially. 

Lost in the rush of the moment, no matter what else happens, when to kick out on that perfect wave? Took years and inhumane, masochistic heaps of humility to get half way skilled enough to actualize the experience.  Ride the reform too long-- lured by the adrenalin surge and get worked, a hazard to board, bone and guaranteed space suit punctures when it jacks up-- then pounds-- the reef shore break.

Might be, Ol' Chef rode this one too long. Something to do with the distorted and indulgent times, likely. Still, a longer sweet groove ride than the previous abbreviated version. When to kick out? Up to you.

What the fuck, do ocean swells, wave trains, perfect A-frame waves, surfing and Chef's groove have to do with Rider football and the EE game? 

Nothing.... and everything. 

All the mysterious and ever changing, yet requisite ingredients, must be present to both catch a perfect wave and win football games. 

Which wave to paddle for? When to kick out and avoid peril? When to ride it to the end? When to time up a lull in sets to paddle back out through the hectic impact zone to go get more? 

Cortez faces EPIC surfing-type challenges for this EE game.

WWMD? What will Marshall do? 

Compelling drama right here. Gonna be good. 6-1?.... 1-6? Doesn't mean shit right now. 

Believe that!

Marvin Gaye-- "Got To Give It Up" 

Kukan Dub Lagan-- "Roots of Vibration"

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