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The Stamp game was the first time of this 2013 campaign, the Rider O employed a significant number of snaps out of 7 step drop back protection. A CFL offensive default. According to "Coke Bottles" Carl (so take it with a large grain of brain damage), it was 19 out of 41 snaps not including the final series which skewed the numbers.

Previous games-- due to the success of the running game, play action passes, slide protection, and double tight formations-- the Hogs were minimally required to 7 step drop back protect.

7 step drop back protection is the true measure of a CFL Tackle's ability to take care of business and the job description they hang their hats on.

Against top caliber opponents this was a big test for Young Ben and provided an excellent measure of his progress. From being thrown out at RT unprepared in the pre-season; to eight games later. 

Hope this video provides insight.

Some folks are concerned about the offensive production the last two games. Take care of the microcosms and the macrocosm takes care of itself.

All things considered, an impressive performance!
Keep working young buck, looks like you're in good hands with Coach Malone.

A major add-on in Cortez's Zone Run scheme has been to maneuver a slot into an 
H-Back position with the job description to block an edge defender or release in play action.

Friends, decide for yourselves. We saw reason for hope in the 2nd T-Cat game. Now?

As far as defences loading the box? Please do the math with us. You'll see the math adds up while Sheets remains unaccounted for. 

shitty video images-should'a stuck to hockey- TSN

Sing it Merle....

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