Thursday, August 8, 2013


OK Gang.

You got us!

Full confession. Here in Dilke, there's a predilection to over the top-- trippin' out-- trying to nail a point.

This time? 

THIS TIME.... ain't goin' no where near too far. 

Riders vs Stamps II has all the makings of an EPIC CONFRONTATION the likes that ain't never been seen in the CFL. 

Ya, ya, ya..... we hear ya.... Elmer... What? Ya forget to medicate today? Ya forget to pull on yer tin foil hat?

Just so happens-- more than fully medicated and the tin foil hat is fully programmed to receive.

With potential playoff implications, first place at stake, the leading rushers battle mixed with a dose of QB drama-- there's more than the usual Rider/ Stamp at McMahon hype. 

According to SeƱora El Rumpo Grande that's all true, well and good. But behind the plays on the field stage a far, far greater production is about to unfold. This is grand scale, magnitude and consequence packed, unprecedented drama for a CFL August regular season game.

A drama-- that has all the makings to put it up there with the biggest of all biggie Historical Battles. 

You name it.... Alexander The Great vs The Persians at Guagamela; Napoleon and Wellington tusslin' at Waterloo; Montgomery's and Rommel's "dust up",  at El Alamein; even Cupar's Anus McJerk droppin' gloves with D-Town's own "Insanity Klaus" Huber at center ice then the sequel battle of the Dilke Hotel pool table.

Now, the centre stage spot lights fix to shine on Field Marshall Grand Master George Cortez pitted against Stamps DC Rick Campbell.

George brings a considerable career's worth of experience, successes, knowledge, wisdom and expertise to this engagement. 

Not like Campbell just fell off the turnip cart, either. 

And, just like Montgomery at El Alamein in North Africa, Campbell's had two weeks to prepare strategy, logistics and personnel. In addition, he has access to significant expert resources-- in office and outside via connections and communication throughout the football world. 

No flies on George, neither.

Think about it.

When's the last time you saw, a CFL offence structured so radically and noticeably different from the other seven, that purrs along, (to borrow an Etch and O's term)-- like a well oiled machine?

To this point, Cortez's offence has been a systemic and operational juggernaut. 

Plenty of talent.  But, by all appearances, the players are selling out on a level that indicates they believe in each other and they believe in what they're being asked to do. They believe because the schemes and the play calling are sound and they work. Success begets success and effort becomes contagious. 

Can Campbell and the Stamp defence derail it?

Gonna call this game the greatest challenge of Campbell's career. Could well be a definer.  

Not like anyone's gonna get fired under the goal posts at half time.  BUT, the likely consequences of this OC vs DC battle are that one's reputation will be diminished-- which has potential to affect future prospects; while the other's reputation is enhanced. High stakes indeed!

Not necessarily about who wins or loses the game. It's about which co-ordinator and system prevails though the series of assaults, counter assaults and strikes to fracture the opposing structure and seize advantage. 

Campbell's opening move-- according to the depth chart released today-- has the Stamps starting twelve imports on D. Best to wait 'till they drop four, to see how that shakes out. 

Then look for the configurations in the first few series. How will he counter if George continues with the "Standard Operating Procedure"--  addin' a big body and sluggin' it out in the phone booth. 

What does Grand Master George have up his sleeve for the expected counter moves? What offensive wrinkles lay in wait?

Don't forget-- among other moments-- George ran a highly productive,  multi-formation offence with Aaron Rodgers under center at Cal Berkely; at the time when the Bears turned the Pac-10 on it's ears, some, and were bowl bound every year.  In 2004, Cal was-- a Mack Brown, "Texas Sized Tantrum" to the media-- away from sluggin' it out in the National Championship Bowl game. He's seen most of all of it; at one time or another. Campbell's gonna have to get up pretty darn early in the morning to put one over.

WHOOOWEEE!!! ........... Gonna be a good one.

 # 2 of 3 regular season.


Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery

Field Marshall Erwin (The Desert Fox) Rommel

Then there's the part about players executing assignments, making plays, blocking, maintaining gap integrity, tackling, running the ball, throwing, catching... ya know-- players playing the game.

The high probability is-- success one way or the other results in being in on a victory. But as only one aspect of the team game and this IS the quirky-- sometimes zany CFL-- ain't no guarantees bout nuthin'.

In the end, it's in the player's hands.

Godspeed Green and White.

THIS GAME IS BEYOND ANYTHING THAT'S COME BEFORE. And to think, some still, hold the notion CFL games don't matter until after labor day? 

Actor George Montgomery


  1. Love your stuff Elmer, But George Montgomery was shootin' redskins on film when Bernard Law Montgomery was Fightin' Nazi's.

  2. Right you are Dave. Thanks for that.

    Another detail misconstrued, tangled and tortured in the myriad web of cranial Swiss Cheese holes.

    George Montgomery did star in "The Battle Of The Bulge", though.

    Outta count fer sumthin'.

    I mean, John Wayne almost single handedly won the Vietnam War in "The Green Berets"?

    All that aside, you're now entered in the draw for the brand spankin' new, sparkling green, Corvette convertible. Congrats!

  3. Sure hope you can give us some guidance on the last couple weeks. Oline doesn't look as good lately, just the other teams catching up, wear and tear or what? I have noticed X has been limping most games. Thanks in advance. DJR