Thursday, September 12, 2013


Media fellows and fans take note. 

There is more to CFL defensive football than stats. Much more.

Noticed in a recent CFL media poll Chick wasn't mentioned as an all-star. Plenty of very good defensive ends in the league this season, including the guy in Winnipeg. They may have sack stats but the Society hasn't seen any others consistently do the things Chick does.

Small sample of his work thus far. With assists from Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade character-- "Karl Childers" and Isaac Hayes-- "Theme From Shaft".

Backdoor Betty recommends viewing full screen.

Nuff said!


  1. Hilarious Elmer. He was sure ragdolling O'Donnell there.


  2. Great to watch a highlight reel. When he is not making sacks he is causing shite to happen!

    Not bad for a Type 1 Diabetic. He wears an insulin pump to keep him alive.

    My son is Type `1. It is not a pleasant ride.

    Leo Ezerins

    1. Did not know that about your son Leo. That's ruff.

      John Chick is an inspiration on many levels. As a Type 1 Diabetic he provides an other worldly role model. Heard he had to sell the NFL that his pump was ok taped to his body.

      The dude is a rare and exceptional CFL player. LOVE watching him play. He returned from his time in the NFL almost unrecognizable. His technique, hand work, leverage and efficiency quantum leaped. AMAZING! That and he gets after ass every single snap he's on the field.

  3. Amazing to watch 3 Ticats all lined up on Chick. He is a lot of fun to watch. Definitely one of my favorites. Very sad about Rey, also a favorite of mine. DJR

    1. The RB was responsible for the Strong B'er who came from 3rd level depth but remained off the line of scrimmage with secondary contain.

      Guess the RB figured since he was already there, might's well join in the fun.

      But ya overall, a very shaky protection scheme-- leaving the C to single block #93 Teearus George. Nothing good could come from that for the Tabbies.

      Another well designed Rider defensive scheme that paid dividends.

      Agree about Rey. He was having a tremendous season and making a HUGE difference. Talk about a KNEE BENDER!!! Dude plays with some leverage.

      Unfortunately, injuries in football are an incontravertible fact. Never really know if the next time you step on the field could be your last. Shake the dice, play balls out and roll with it!

  4. Elmer, another great video that also had me laffin'.

    John Chick is a monster.