Thursday, October 10, 2013


In the Society's opinion, this is a must watch for all former, current and future football players as well as fans and media.

No shortage of media sensationalism, focus on tragedy or finger pointing. Paint it anyway ya want to..... all true.

Why no actual living ex-NFL'ers interviewed? 

'Cause the litigation's still cookin'-- that's why.

Worthwhile presentation that somewhat exceeds TSN efforts like-- "The Thirteenth Man".

What's with the new-- no comment policy-- regarding concussions, from CFL Commissioner Cohon? Less than a year ago he was shill show trumpeting -- "the  CFL doesn't have a concussion issue".

Ripples now making their way north to the Mom & Pop CFL? 

Canadian ambulance chasers caught the thick scent of $$$?

The following exert was previously posted May 20, 2013 titled "Gridiron Greats Hall Of Fame Dinner".  

The CFL is the CFL and the NFL is the NFL. 

The small money, small tent side show and the massive BIG MONEY, BIG TIME, BIG SHOW. 

If the situation is this dire for ex-NFL'ers any guesses on how ex-CFL'ers fare?

The central issue for ex-NFL-ers is the financial burden of medical care from football injuries. For the ex-CFL'ers who stayed in Canada it's mostly covered, as it is for all Canadians . What about those who didn't stay?

Quality of life, compromised ability to earn income and all the rest must be about the same.

Those who say the NFL is more physical or recent claims that the CFL has fewer concussions; require serious reconsidering.

For players inside the box and players on special teams, there is little if any difference. The physicality is different for those outside the box but still significant.

The claims there are or were fewer concussions in the CFL are due to the lack of data; not the lack of concussions. 

Best if Cohon shuts the shill show down on that one, immediately.

Cut to now.

Curiously enough, can't seem to locate the Cohon quotes from earlier this year where he made a statement along the lines, "concussions were previously and currently not as prevalent in the CFL as in the NFL".

Curious, indeed!

A college teammate, close friend and 14 year NFL veteran; who was part of the class action lawsuit and also participated in the Boston research-- had this to say about the PBS presentation:

"Yea I saw it on TV.   

NFL is getting off light at 765 million. Doubt I’ll ever see any $ come my way. 

There is a hyper sensitivity to the whole issue right now. We get almost 1 concussion per day. Football may be a dying sport if this shit continues

The helmets seem to be so much better now and we cant teach any helmet to helmet techniques. Every kid who gets a headache cries “concussion” The whole thing pisses me off while my memories slowly disappear. 

The league should just acknowledge the risk, guarantee long term care expenses, pay the players more and let them play at their own risk. 

The one researcher found the Tau protein in 33 out of 34 football player cadaver brains so I think it’s highly likely that we both have or will have CTE. 

Happy Golden Years!!.... Stop drooling!!!"

Days later, the 14 year ex-NFL-er followed up with this considered opinion. 

"Seems like a long time ago in another life.
Having been in the business of football for awhile; these recent developments only reinforce my belief-the owners WERE and ARE a bunch of GREEDY COCKSUCKERS who ENJOY being powerful and USING PEOPLE UP for their own gain and entertainment. 

Don’t get me wrong, playing was great and I would do it again, but some anger and resentment still lingers over strikes and questionable medical treatment." 

The Society's opinion?

Buddy earned his stripes and the right to voice his views; and who better to have the handle on the situation than him? 

Except for one detail. 

So typical of a card carrying, post concussion syndrome society member.....  DETAILS DO GO AWRY. 

Copied from the Frontline webpage....                 October 2013
Dr. Ann McKee, Dr. Omalu and other scientists continue to study CTE in former athletes. McKee tells FRONTLINE she’s found CTE in the brains of 45 of the 46 former NFL players she’s examined.

So that's 45 of  46 not 33 of 34.... YA STUTTERIN' PRICK YA.



Nah, nah. Drinks are on ....the house.

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