Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hawkins Retires
It's strange, what leaves an indelible imprint in the short circuits of the concussed motherboard and what doesn't.

When we read about Hawkins hanging 'em up, instantly, the image of him chasing down the BC quarterback from the backside with an incredible fast twitch burst and a punishing hit, flashed up on the front lobe screen. An image that's seared, it seems,  for the duration. Highest praise possible- from this podium-  don't pay attention much, to the wrong side of the line.

The rest of the details are fuzzy. Perhaps a kind reader can help fill in the blanks. It was a game at Mosaic, and wanna say it was one of his first starts. Hawkins terrorised BC that day. He made a huge difference in the outcome. Who he was up against or even who the BC quarterback was? Don't recall. But the vision of his extreme athleticism  and extreme effort, stuck-- apparently.

Damn shame, about, how it ended. Maybe you can only ride a smaller God-given skeletal structure; with utmost intense training, muscular development and desire-- so far. Bit of a high wire act. Certain body parts can get used up in a hurry and the whole thing topples.

The light truly shines from above, on those natural 4XL mammals who respond to activities like stretching "Why stretch? Ya can't pull fat!"

Hat's off to Hawkins. He did some amazing things. Unfortunate for all, that it ended too soon.

Now, the "Wild West Reality Regina Show" really begins. 

The Society wishes you the best of luck Mr. Hawkins. Enjoyed bearing witness to your sacrifice and offering.


  1. Hawk is one of those guys who gives 100% all the time. Seems to be ready for life after football. We will miss his leadership on and off the field. DJR

  2. Good comment DJR. Absolutely agree with what you said.

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