Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bryan Illerbrun, dead. 

'79 Training Camp photo
Haven't seen Illie for many years but always asked the grapevine about him and always had a few chuckles. Now.....  lost for words.

A Saskatchewan boy from the soles of his nasty elephant feet to the split ends of his frizzled hair. As Prairie Province, as any guy, ever. 

"Tiny- The Boy Wonder", rural Ram. The Dancing Bear. Cantankerous and not exactly cuddly, Illie was  great- a rare piece of work. A TRUE BEAUTY. Part of the Junior Rams Three Hogsmen- Aldag, Poley and Illerbrun; who joined the Riders near the end of the 70's.

Not many like him before and don't recall any like him after.

Might tell a story about the time we shared accommodation in Calgary, but might not. Gotta ponder that awhile.

Really mean this. Not the usual half assed- what people think they are supposed to say, TRULY- heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.

If I was a prayin' man, I'd surely get on my knees right now. But hurts too much. Am sure you understand Illie

To be perfectly honest, when another guy passed on not so long ago, I spit, symbolically on his grave.  Not now. Not this time. Surprised at the strength of  this enshrouding sadness. 

Heard you toned it down Illie. But it always felt right knowing you were out there. 

Alumni activity and connections must increase and strengthen!

Didn't know you were in a bad way. If so, hope you didn't suffer and, Compadre, hope you went out with your boots on. Tonight, we'll hoist a few in your honour.

Vaya Con Dios.... mi amigo.... ya crazy bastard ya

* this was a self indulgent entry about my response to the news. Will follow up with later with a story of Bryan Illerbrun, maybe.


  1. Loving the blog, insight, laughs & tunes, but I would rather have a green vette, let the broke back cowboys keep their red!

  2. Lotus Petals PeltierMay 19, 2013 at 7:03 PM

    Well done Elmer!Another alumni leaving us way too soon.Great job on the blog.Looking forward to making this a regular stop while doing the evening surfing.

  3. Green Ba$tard, just got off the phone with Jerome The Giraffe. Said he was at the dealer's and it's taken care of. The Vette is now sparking green and shiny.

    Don't have call for broke back cowboys in these parts, much.