Friday, June 14, 2013

Johnny Holland hired as full time Rider coach for 2013 season.

According to Rod Pedosen.

Johnny Holland (Riderville)

From the usual source    

Career history
 As player:
 As coach:
  • Green Bay Packers (1995–1997)
    (Defensive quality control coach)
  • Green Bay Packers (1998)
    (Special teams coach)
  • Green Bay Packers (1999)
    (Linebackers coach)
  • Seattle Seahawks (2000)
    (Assistant special teams coach)
    (Assistant strength and conditioning coach)
  • Seattle Seahawks (2001–2002)
    (Linebackers coach)
  • Detroit Lions (2003–2004)
    (Defensive assistant)
  • Detroit Lions (2005)
    (Linebackers coach)
  • Houston Texans (2006–2010)
    (Linebackers coach)
  • Oakland Raiders (2012)
    (Linebackers coach)
Career highlights and awards


Significant event and a noteworthy, positive mileage marker in the evolution of Riderville.

Heaps of events and moves occur during the course of each CFL campaign. It's been our observation, often significant and consequential happenings go-- either unnoticed, or get swept under the rug. 

After all, CFL teams now restrict and control media access to players and coaches. More so now than ever. In this age of social media and instant dissemination of information-- it does make sense.

However, even when they had full access, CFL media have always been largely oblivious to what really takes place. None of them were involved in the game. And if they were-- certainly not at a meaningful level-- so they lack the frame of reference to put two and two together. 

Those who played and allegedly provide expert analysis-- are shackled-- either by the terms of their employment or by the fact their actual football knowledge is limited by the narrow focus of having played a position. They never invested significant brain matter nor spilled blood coaching at the play for pay level.

Thank Buddha-- we in Dilke-- are wild and free as the wind. We kowtow to no one.

So, we wish to make-- a point of emphasis, just how significant Johnny Holland joining the Rider staff for the 2013 season is.

A tip of the sombrero to Coach Chamblin for having the cojones, the connections and the credibility to make it happen. And high fives for all others concerned who made it so.

Holland will elevate whatever difference, coaching can make during a CFL campaign.

Moments like this, it's worth remembering the not too distant past. A time when the "Hayseed Boys" of the board of directors called the shots. Shelling out the coin to bring in a prospective player during the season was like squeezing turnip blood. If the prospect didn't pass muster, the personnel guy and the coach who made the call got called to the carpet. A mere, tip of the iceberg hint-- of the horror that lay below.

Used to be, one big, "What The Fuck?", after another. 

Now, almost, all football ops and executive decisions make perfect sense, thus deserving of kudos and acknowledgement. 

  •  Last season the Society was heartened and applauded as the Riders finally stopped with the excuses and began to utilize charter flights. Definitely made a difference in the game in Hamilton.
  •  Luc Mullinder signed for a day to retire as a Rider.
  •  Assisting and facilitating the growth and presence of the Rider Alumni.
  •  Forking the bucks to assimilate George Cortez.
  •  And now, hiring Johnny Holland.

All significant indicators, of which way the wind blows. 

The Society anxiously awaits the opportunity the evaluate Young Ben at RT. Tall order on short notice for #65 . We KNOW he can play guard. Wish we could remember the exact quote, but The Right Honorable Mr. Makowsky once said something to the effect, "if you can't play all the O-Line positions you better learn in a hurry". 

Godspeed and give'er Ben.

                                            Might be "Big Deal Ben"

Too bad about Neufeld. Didn't have an opportunity to see if he accomplished the off-season mission. Not a single report from training camp addressed the question. Certain media proclaimed he looked good. Impossible to discern exactly what that means. Without substantiating, detailing or quantifying performance those reports mean less than zero.

Also look forward to having a look see at Valdez. Hope he is something special along the lines of X. Pure speculation until we can evaluate video.

If he is, having a full deck to deal from, is an enormous positive as the campaign unfolds.

  #64 RT Jose Valdez

Also worth keeping in mind, pre-season games, while a more accurate indicator than practices-- are still not the full on, real deal.



  1. Good stuff as ever, Elmer.

    Heenan & Valdez are (not surprisingly) the two players I'm most looking forward to watching tonight. Go hoggies!

    Cheers, Al

    1. Thanks for that Al.

      On the same page with ya about Heenan & Valdez. That's some quality reality TV right there.

      Congrats, you popped the cherry-- you're in the running for the brand spankin' new sparkling green Corvette convertible.

  2. Some people are saying Ben is a natural guard so can't be a tackle, make any sense to you?

    1. Do you ever find it odd, how some people seem to say a lot?

      Sometimes we do.

      The Society's answer-- sense or not; the statement has no basis in reality.

      Was working on a post discussing the RT situation. Then a tinfoil antenna fell off my hat. Just got it working again, then a darned fly landed on my peanut butter sandwich. Another day shot to hell, right there. Maybe finish it tomorrow.

      Briefly, we do know Ben CAN play guard at an ever increasing high level.

      Being thrown out there at RT on short notice was a tough assignment. Studied his performance in great detail. The technique details, foot patterns, geometry and dealing with a Rush end's skill sets in space is a very different thing from playing guard. Against Edmonton, in 7 step drop back protection, his kick step and subsequent foot shuffle pattern wasn't good and created issues.

      This isn't a skill a guy can casually pickup on a sunny afternoon in the back yard over a case of Pilsner. Developing the muscle memory to efficiently execute it requires a great body of work.

      Ben can play football, we all know that. How this challenge goes? Wait and see. For us fans, this is the fun of it. We get to witness the uncertainty of the drama as it unfolds.

      Based on how rapidly Ben picked up what he was exposed to last season; both Ben and Coach Malone are in the spotlight as Rider Nation waits to scrutinize what evolves in this short week.

      Need to see more reps from Valdez vs #1 guys to say anything worth much. Appears he could be an option. More to come from us on the RT situation, hopefully sooner than later.

      Hope that answers your question, a little eneways.

  3. "Hayseed Boys", I love it. Yes, times have changed in Riderville. It's almost like professional football people run the show now.

    Keep bloggin'.


  4. Thanks Elmer, along the lines of what I was thinking but pure guesswork on my part.