Saturday, June 29, 2013


Betty and "Coke Bottles" Carl say they look forward, with great anticipation, to watching Ben and the Boys today.  He and the rest of the Rider's O-Line have their hands full, and then some, with a stud laden EE front seven.

The very talented Stamp O-Line, coached up by Mike Gibson, set some serious standards last night, against BC.  How will the Rider O-Line fare today? 

Whooeee!!! .....THE FUN HAS BEGUN!!!

Gonna be a gas, to witness how Cortez busts out the schemes and game plan. He's known EE D Co-ordinator Greg Marshall's modus operandi for a long time and visa versa. Call it a grand master, shot caller-- slug fest.

As always, five plays-- regardless of the score, typically determine the outcome of a CFL game. Typically, at least one of those five plays will involve at least one of the OT's and the DE's in 7 step drop back protection. Whether it's a successful offensive strike or a game changing sack. Every snap holds the potential for the big time drama. 

Godspeed Green and White.

Speakin' of whooeee.....  ain't nuthin' we hillbillies love more n' feudin'.

Looks an' sounds like a certain C-Circuit "Bozo The Clown" with a microphone-- press credential holdin', carnival barker, is fixin' to feud.

He don't know half of what he's bitin' off.  Can you say "ornery ol' sow"?

Let's preface it by saying, The Society's evaluation on #53 Neufeld has been well documented. Based on last season-- some good, more bad, some-- at that time-- physical limitations. Now, it's wait and see-- show us first.

That said, based on our limited observations so far in 2013, more off-season football related activity may've benefitted both guys. But, that's now up to Coach Malone. We know Ben is a quick study, has the football IQ and the physical tools.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to witness the level of Neufeld's rise in his long upside climb. We do have a pending interview with #53 that currently rests in the hands of the Rider media relations people. Most curious to see those cards play out, as well.

Check out #65's trapezius  development. When you see a Hog yoked like that, it's a huge indicator he's put in the hard work-- to up his capabilities. Very positive sign.

Check out this-- mind blowing-- segment of an interview, with Ben Heenan done a couple days ago.

Buddy interviews Ben about his first regular season start at RT and lays that on him? For fuck sakes!!!

Gotta hand it to Heenan. The guy is highly intelligent, articulate and handles the, awkward at times, interview with diplomacy and aplomb.  

But, as always, it's the eyes that tell the story! 

Ask any interrogator-- police, military, McDonalds fries station supervisor, hall monitor, etc.; when the eye's drift to the side like Ben's did after that question...... well.... good thing it's  football and not high level security state secrets.

As for microphone buddy-- CJME's Joel Gassen? 

Like the man says, "ya can't make this shit up". "How much does it show, maybe for other people how good of a player Patty Neufeld is when he just went in there an' kinda just fit right in there an' just kind'a PLAYED THAT POSITION PERFECTLY".  Where did buddy watch last season's Rider games from-- "Planet Of The Mopes"?

What a dipshit, clueless narrative!

Where do they find THESE GUYS? "The Mitchell Blair Cull-- NO IDEA-- School Of Journalism"?

These are the media "professionals" who present the meaningful words, analysis and shape perception of what's what with Rider Nation?

Think Betty's gettin' too mean and evil? 

Whooeee.... brother, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Rod Black in the on-deck circle.

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